Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Green Blanket

Some days I wish I had my camera in hand and that I was clicking all day. You know that feeling, documenting it all, the sweet moments, the memories, the fun and the love. Perhaps even the tears. Other days, I'm glad I don't. And I hope I can keep these memories. Hold onto them. Be present fully in the moment.

Today I was changing Li'l Peppa and Miss Daisy came in and said, "Mumma can I have the green blanket, I can't reach it. It's too high".
I was busy, she didn't need a blanket. But thankfully, today was one of those days where I obliged. I popped Peppa in her cot to play and held Daisy-girl's hand and followed her into her bedroom.

We both gazed up at the blanket she spoke of. A green muslin wrap sitting on the top shelf of her wardrobe with the other linen for the girls. I'm not even sure why it caught her eye. 

I grabbed it down and noticed a pink one behind it, "Would you like the pink one too honey?" 
"Yes please Mum, I'm going to be a King!"

I feel like I say no a lot.
No you can't climb in your baby sister's cot. She's sleeping.
No you can't sit in the driver's seat. It's dangerous.
No you can't play with mummy's sewing pins. They're sharp.
No you can't pick up the dog poo with your shovel. Just no!

I don't like to say no. I like to say yes. Yes, explore, create, enjoy, learn, experience, engage, laugh. But sometimes, the answer is no. The no's above are justified. But, you know the ones that aren't. The ones when you're feeling tired, lazy, selfish... those ones. We've (I've) had a couple of those days this week.

But not today, today was a yes day! 

That magnificent green blanket became a King's robe. She twirled around and boldly proclaimed that King's like to dance and twirl.

I asked her what else King's do and she said she needed a crown. I can make one, she told me confidently as she grinned excitedly. So off we went to the recycling and grabbed a weetbix box. (I must put those on the shopping list) I cut and stapled it into the simplest of crowns and gave her some stickers. (The kind I hoard in a drawer for the perfect occasion. Silly stationery hoarder!) Boy was this occasion perfect.

The joy and pride on her face as she stuck each and every one of those stickers upon that imperfect crown was priceless. By this stage Li'l Peppa had joined with me as a willing audience to this project. 

We watched and cheered on as she completed the final touches. Before placing it upon her head and dancing toward the mirror. Completely satisfied with are kingly attire!

So I'm pleased that this post has no picture. I'm pleased that there is no picture for me to look back on. There's a crappy little crown on the floor and tears welling up in my eyes as I remember the joy something so simple brought. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Well, these words are to remind me of that picture that was never taken but was truly lived.

Have you said yes today?!