Monday, November 19, 2012

Five Recipes for Homemade Christmas Delights

With Christmas fast approaching for 2012 I decided I'd share with you some of the fabulous recipes that I've used around the Christmas season. These are easy recipes with simple, everyday ingredients, but the flavour and finished product are fabulous!

Christmas food is something that families remember. The taste, the look, the smell. I love the way a day of baking makes the whole house smell divine! And gifting food really speaks to people's heart! And saves my belly from consuming it all!

Here are five recipes that we've use for Christmas time! You'll love them!

Just For Daisy :: Raspberry Spice Muffins

Just For Daisy :: Traditional Shortbread

Just For Daisy :: Easy Caramel Tarts

Just For Daisy :: Homemade Apricot Delight
Just For Daisy :: Coconut Ice
What's your favourite treat to make during the festive season?