Monday, November 19, 2012

Sitting in the dark

It's soccer night. Obviously not for me... I'd struggle on a soccer field no doubt!

Although today I ran home. Today I made a silly decision to take the girls for a walk to our waterfall. The sky was grey but it hadn't rained in a while, I rugged the girls up and Miss Daisy donned her red raincoat. We walked, we talked, we laughed. We directed some lost bush walkers back to the falls. They had raincoats on. I wore tights and boots. Silly.
Then it sprinkled. That's okay. Then it kinda spilled off the trees. Hmmm. Then it poured.
Did I mention I had a pram? It's tyres were flat. Did I mention there were steps. There were 14 of them. Did I mention Miss Daisy is really slow? I put her on top of the hood of the pram with flat tyres. Did I mention we got wet? We did. Oh and I ran home. Pushing my crippled pram with two wet kids!

It's night time now. We got warm and dry by the heater. We laughed as we stripped off our wet clothes. I laughed as I remembered dreading going to the grocery store. At least I would've been dry. And not running. We ate our dinner. Read our stories. And it seems we've survived another day.

Miss Daisy is asleep. Li'l Peppa is snuggled up in my lap. And Daddy is running around a fielding the rain.