Monday, May 28, 2012

While we're being honest....

I'm 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow.
I'm quite content to have this baby any day now.... 

Miss Daisy seems to sense that change is coming.... she's been different the last week or so. A little bit more inclined to cling to Mummy and we've had tears at bed time a few days in a row... this hasn't been the case for the last year or so!

So, here's the bit about being honest! She's watched a lot of Shrek lately! 
It's her favourite. She could retell the entire story for you by heart. She loves to hear Mummy or Daddy quote the movie, particularly Puss... in Boots! And she loves to read the Shrek 2 storybook I got for $1 from the op shop!

We haven't hooked up the TV since moving here. It's been great.
However, the DVD player is available and the last week or so I find myself needing Shrek more and more!

Today we had breakfast, played with toys, played with puzzles, sorted Daddy's clothes, had morning tea, did some craft and drawing... then we played outside for a little while and Scarlet rode her bike. 
It came to nap time and I thought the timing was perfect and was marvelling at how fabulous our morning had been! Unfortunately, nap time has been coinciding perfectly with Miss Daisy's potty time... and all too often I put her to bed only to hear 20 minutes later... "Doing a poo Mummy" and off we trudge to the potty! 

Then it's time to try nap time all over again. Some days it's as easy as lying her back down and leaving. Others I've been laying down on the floor while she falls asleep (usually a 2 minute ordeal so not complaining!) OR there are days like today where she doesn't go to sleep... 

Today I decided not to worry... to pop on Shrek and make us some Tuna Mornay for lunch... I felt like comfort food. And she was more than happy to oblige by watching Shrek... again! We had lunch, snuggled and life was good. She went to bed after lunch and slept for a few hours. So did I.

Here is the recipe if you're interested... it's from Julie Goodwin's site...didn't realise she had a website but it was high up there in the Google search! And it was yummy! I added some bread crumbs and parmesan to the tasty cheese I sprinkled on top! Yum! 
Oh and used the Vetta Hi Fibre Spirals so it had a little extra goodness!
Well, when it came to dinner time... Miss Daisy had just woken from her late arvo nap... and she was not too happy... it took a while for her to wake up properly and even longer for her to not be teary and clingy with me. And what did she request? Shrek 2!

Oh dear! It was dinner time and I needed to cook, so once again, on went the TV. Her gleeful giggles and cheeky smiles are enough to light up anyone's face. But it still concerns me a little... should she really watch two movies in one day! It's not every day....

Anyway, with a little more googling I found this a recipe for a fish crumb! Delicious!
I had fish ready and wanted to do something a little different to our normal fish dishes and this was fabulous! Miss Daisy loved it too! We served it with steamed broccoli and half a baked potato each! Simple and yummy!

Two movies in one day is out of the ordinary for us. But it meant that we finished up the evening with the three of us eating ice-cream on the lounge watching the end of Shrek 2. More snuggling and some dancing at the end! After all, "aren't we supposed to be having a fiesta!?"

So tell me honestly.... what's your TV policy with kids? 
Do you find yourself resorting to putting it on even though you'd rather not?
Or do you think there are days when TV time is totally necessary?

I'm definitely going to continue to create engaging activities that will be good for Miss Daisy whilst I'm busy breast feeding, changing and settling #2 in 4 weeks time... and eliminate TV use as much as possible..

Any ideas?!