Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainbow Pasta Threading Fun

Well we have had so much fun with our Rainbow Pasta since it was made! 
And mostly from repeating this fun activity! Threading pasta, it seems it never gets old!

The lovely Roni from The Nappy Bag put some fancy little pipe cleaner wands in her busy bags along with pasta beads and other threading goodies. Unfortunately we weren't in that group so didn't receive one. After making my rainbow pasta I tried to make something similar for Miss Daisy. 

I left this as an open ended play activity and allowed her to create her own play experience. Unfortunately (or fortunately) she thought the pipe cleaners would be better off on their own and wanted to make bracelets from them to wear! So we didn't have any fancy wands this time round!

 It was amazing to watch her fine motor skills as she puzzled over the best way to thread the pasta. Which hand should go where? How far on should the pasta be before I let it go and slide it with the other hand? How will I keep it on at the other end? I was fascinated watching her do this! The concentration on her face was priceless and the joy after she got one on was brilliant to watch! Cute listening to her also as she praised them, "Good girl red pasta" "Come on yellow"

Threading onto a shoelace was a little trickier but Miss Daisy managed to make herself a necklace with a little help from Mummy... then we made 4 more for our friends we were seeing that night for dinner/home group!

We also made up two little packages of pasta and ribbon for her little friends D & I. The boys were thrilled to be able to thread their own pasta necklaces and did it in record time! These would make a great party activity...perhaps at a Rainbow Party!?

I am definitely going to make more Rainbow Pasta so just need some more ideas on how to use it! Hubby has suggested a rainbow collage sticking the pasta to paper and I think I'll make it a bit of a colour recognition lesson - stay tuned! 

Share your pasta fun ideas with me too! I'd love to hear from you!