Monday, June 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This was taken this week in the Botanical Gardens when we went to take pregnancy shots of my baby sister! Miss Daisy kept herself occupied (and got soaked!) with this bubbler! 
She kinda got the hang of it!

Pregnancy is one of those things that can go fast and slow all at the same time! Here is my sister 41 weeks pregnant (she's now 41+3..eek!) when we took some pregnancy shots on Friday in the Botanical Gardens. 

She's on my left... does that count? ;) This was at my niece's 3rd Birthday Party a few weeks back.

Mummy has been tired of late (go figure!) and so we've been doing lots of fun things with art, craft, books and other exciting games to keep Miss Daisy occupied and give me some peace! :)
I love her new obsession with lining things up and stacking them! We do it with books, toys, food! Fun!

I was feeling a little plain and ordinary on Saturday morning... tired and grumpy even, perhaps! So I told hubby I was heading out into our garden for a while with the camera. Our whole yard was filled with mist/fog and I found this beautiful web. Nothing plain about this web.

That's me for this week's Scavenger Hunt! :) Linking up with Ashley over here