Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY Quick and Easy Tealight Holders

Well, yesterday afternoon Miss Daisy surprised me with a nap that lasted over 4 hours! 
(Admittedly it was an hour or so late and she did have two bottles to get her there!) 

She really must have been tired! I had the food processor going making cookie dough, clanging around washing dishes and preparing dinner and nothing woke her!
All good... it meant I got to create a little something while I waited for her to wake!

We've been using candles a little bit more often since moving house. They seem to go well with the fire and overall cosiness of our new home! And hey, with no TV why not have a little mood lighting around the place! :)

I love to buy tea-lights and at my last Ikea visit I bought the cinnamon pack of tea-lights - they smell divine!

These cute tea-light holders are made from a few easy bits n pieces I had lieing around. Baby food jars, stretch lace, jute string and a trusty glue stick! I can picture them with many other amazing additions. Perhaps painting the inside of a few jars is next one the agenda... 

Tealight makeover - Just For Daisy

This was a very quick and easy afternoon pick me up that really prettied up our dinner table last night!

Now excuse me I'm off to munch on more Eucalyptus lollies! Yikes! My teeth are going to hate me!