Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're Going On A Bear Hunt Felt Book

Before I parted with my iPhone (I hardly feel it now!) I downloaded the 45th Anniversary Playschool Album from iTunes... hubby transferred it for me onto my iPod nano and I'm able to plug it into the car stereo when Miss Daisy and I are on the go.

At first she was a little frightened of the song/rhyme "We're Going On a Bear Hunt" (it could've been something to do with John & Noni's over-enthusiasm!) but now she LOVES it and will constantly ask for 'Bear Hunt song'. She also knows all the words!!

So I thought I'd make her a felt board scene of We're Going On a Bear Hunt to add to her growing collection of felt play. However, upon thinking about all the small pieces it would require I decided to make a felt flip book for her instead! I'm so happy that I did!Bear Hunt Felt Book - Just For Daisy
 It was very simple to make! I cut an A4 piece of white felt in half (landscape way) and folded them over to create the book. I sewed a straight line up the middle to keep it together.

I then cut out my shapes free hand to make each of the scenes... For the cave I added a little flap that can be lifted so that the 'big googly eyes' are revealed! It all got glue gunned in place and voila!

The back of the book has the bear itself... after discovering the bear... Miss Daisy can make her way back through each of the obstacles... and safely back into the house on the front cover! Clever, yes!?

 Miss Daisy has been listening to the playschool version which omits the snow and the river, however, I just ordered the book by Michael Rosen off Book Depository for $7 so decided to pop these into our felt book in preparation for her falling in love with the story when it arrives!

I can't wait to make some more mini felt flip books for Miss Daisy to play with!

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