Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rainbow Sprocket Pillow

I seem to be constantly pinning and rarely making! Does that sound familiar??

Well, last night was a different story!

After pinning this fabulous Sprocket Pillow yesterday morning I emailed the free pattern piece to hubby to print off at work.

I was excited as he handed it to me last night and was reminded of my creative intentions for the evening!

So I set off creating the first of my rainbow cushions. (My would be theme for our lounge room!)

It needs just a little more stuffing and a button in the middle 
(I've ordered some fabric button covering kits off eBay tonight!)

But I'm in love with it already!

Now I'm logging off to go and make some baby gifts for the new babies that keep appearing around here! :) Only 6 weeks until we expect to welcome our little girl!