Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday #12

The last time I linked up with Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday was January! Eeek! 

So much has happened since January, not really in the blogging department though!

We have an amazing new Canon DSLR which we've enjoyed taking pictures on... and yet I haven't linked up with SHS enough at all!

So here are a few from the archives and a few newbies from our life of late... I've got a list written down of next weeks prompts....
Sidewalk. Inspiring. Time. Close Up. With Mirror.
...and will be gladly carrying my camera close at hand all week to capture some fabulous new shots for next Sunday!

This photo is an oldy but was the first that came to mind when I thought of shadows... I did a post on this morning of impromptu shadow/silhouette play here

All three of the things that require keys in this photo have since been sold (well, we're renting the house out) but we've parted with each of them in their own way! Lots of over the last few months! But how about those Rainbows!!??

This is an old one off my iPhone (when I had an iPhone...Oh Instagram I miss thee!)
Miss Daisy insisted on wearing my bedsock as a handbag when we went to the shops!! 

This one I took a week or so ago when we went for a bushwalk (our new backyard playground) to the waterfall. Miss Daisy LOVES walking in the bush and loves her waterfall!
I loved these boots and unfortunately Samson (our German Shepherd) decided he would use one as a chew toy! Grrrr!!
Anyway, this one is SOOC and I LOVE it! She is growing up far too quickly! Her baby sister will be here in 8 weeks - where does the time go?

No, it's not a fish... and she knew it wasn't either... but we did do a week learning about the ocean and fish and this poor fellow had died in a rockpool on our excursion to the beach. But he proved to be a great learning tool for the kids - until he fell apart when my niece picked him up a little too rough! Ooops!

Would love to come and visit you too... please leave a comment and I'll be sure to check out your blog....

This little fairy and I are linking up with Ashley here...