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Rainbow Layer Cake - My way!

Miss Daisy's Rainbow Party - Part 2 - 
{continued from here}

Here's a little before/after shot of the inside party table where I had the cake and other sweets - we have an older home and our kitchen/dining area is the last 'original' space. The wall used to be green and I painted it white when I was 37 weeks pregnant! But it has some holes still there from some shelving which we pulled down. I made the rainbow from some rainbow muffin cases my mum had picked up. Since they didn't cover the messy wall, I later added some crepe paper streamers to finish it off. We added a balloon banner along the top and I was quite happy! :)

What's in this 'before' picture?! Apart from the fruit bowl, torch and wireless modem on the table! There are 6 batches of coloured playdough (made in the microwave - recipe here) You can also see the first 3 of the 6 layers of cake {I used a simple Donna Hay butter cake recipe from Donna Hay Modern Classics 2} (Note the purple layer looking an unfortunate shade of green on the platter! Thankfully it came up nicely inside when sliced!)
There are also some of the recycled baby food jars, a container of balloons and other decorations like streamers ready to go! :)

And here we have the 'after' shot! :) Complete with my little niece Miss M who was quite happy to sample some of the lollies! I kept the Rainbow Jelly and Playdough Gifts inside with the cake and sweets until it was cake time when everything was moved outside! 
We also used the image from the fabulous invitations to create a pretty label for the playdough jars.

So are you ready for the big reveal!? A friend of mine had 'pinned' the idea of doing Kit Kats and M&M's around a birthday cake and I loved how the M&M's matched the rainbow theme well. They also concealed my big surprise - the rainbow cake itself!

There are lots of places on the net where you can get instructions on how to make these, so I will only give a brief run down of what I did. 
As mentioned above I used a butter cake recipe from Donna Hay. I made two batches and split each batch into 3 portions, then dyed each a different colour with food dye to match the rainbow! It worked out that each lot of batter was about 220mL (yep, I measured)... I baked them for approximately 25 minutes and they came out looking like pretty flat pancakes! Only about 1-1.5cm thick. I was a little concerned but decided to press on and it turned out they were a perfect height! Yay!

Once I had six of them - yep you guessed it, I added icing and layered them! I used a buttercream frosting, also from DH :) Added Kit Kat's around the outside - insert happy dance since it was just the right height - then a little icing on top and poured in a pack of M&M's!

And voila... one beautiful cake! Super easy but super effective!

Wow, I've had you read a whole paragraph more and you still haven't got to see inside! Here goes! :) The result amazed even me - I was super pleased at how it turned out. A little sweet when it came to eating it but I'm sure the effects of the food colouring will only take  a few days to get over - but it was certainly a rainbow! 


We had a lovely day and I would recommend this party theme to anyone! Your guests become your decorations and make everything bright and beautiful! I wish I'd taken more shots of the kids together and perhaps one of all the guests - you could definitely get some great themed shots.

{Edit 29.8.11 - Note the super shiny knife above & the picture of each slice without any fuzzy cake colours mixing... I had a jug of boiling water and a piece of paper towel and washed the knife between each cut. Easy to do and makes the cake slice up perfectly!}

Here is one last shot of Miss Daisy with the first present she opened which was from her clever Aunty H and family. See how she made it here.

Thanks to everyone who helped before, during and after Miss Daisy's big party!

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