Friday, July 15, 2011

Miss Daisy's Birth Story - Part 2

Continued from Miss Daisy's Birth Story - Part 1

After having an internal, Shondelle said I was 5cm dilated and that I could hop in the bath if I liked... "Yes, please!" It was 8:15pm and she said we'd be holding you within a few hours! Yay!

The bath was amazing - a great relief when the waves of contractions came along. It made them very manageable and we just took them one at a time. We hadn't entirely 'planned' to have a waterbirth. We had always discussed this as an option that we like though. 
Chris said to Shondelle, "Does Bek have to hop out to have the baby?" When she said "No." we figured we'd stay in as long as possible, and birth in there if we could too!

I stayed on my hands and knees most of the time and found that swaying my hips like I'd done at home was the best relief. We have a funny video of me sucking on a juice popper and saying it was my 'gas'! :) Such a happy time!

Chris was right there with me and always said/did the right things. What a great partner in birth as well as in marriage/life! :) Love him!
(Oh, he did step out at about 10:30pm to get Subway... but I guess that's off topic!)

Around 11pm I began to feel Scarlet much lower and felt like pushing. Shondelle said no and I rolled over, laying on my back and began 'breathing her down' with each contraction.
 Hard not to push but I was sure it'd be worth waiting!

I knew I could trust all that Shondelle and Chris told me. They were both fanatastic!
Although at times I felt like it was just me in the room, the bath was so relaxing and I was really 'in the zone' of thinking about our little girl and how she'd be here so soon. I loved the process. I loved the experience. 

By about 11:30 I was really ready to push - my waters had broken with the last internal confirming that I was fully effaced and that Miss Daisy was ready to be born!

Chris and Shondelle encouraged me to take a deep breath and push with each contraction.

The first time I pushed I let out a big breath and it did nothing. Miss Daisy's very clever Daddy said, "Hold your breath and push - not breathe out like that!"

Well, the next two contractions was all it took - because 2 contractions and only 3 pushes later she was born! The best feeling ever! (Although I do remember thinking I must be going to tear all the way to my belly button with the burn I could feel! Funnily enough no tearing at all.)

Miss Daisy's Daddy and Shondelle scooped her out of the water and onto my back! I was desperate to meet her and kept asking lots of questions. "Is she okay?" "What colour's her hair?" "Is she crying?"

Daddy cut the cord and then I was able to turn over, sit down and cuddle our beautiful girl for the very first time!

She let out a few perfect little cries. I touched her little hands and perfectly formed fingers and held her close. Perfect!

And so we were three. My Dad always said the most amazing part was that all of a sudden there were 3 of you there in the room. And it certainly was amazing!

We went home at 10am the following morning! We spent just over 12 hours in hospital then got to take our beautiful girl home.

I'm amazed that a year has passed since that special day. I've loved every minute {I've since clarified this statement, here} of the nappies, washing, feeding, changing, settling etc. Miss Daisy is a blessing to us and I am so thankful for her safe arrival a year ago.

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