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Miss Daisy's Birth Story - Part 1

This was one of the first things I wanted to do when I started a blog. I'm not exactly sure why. I think it might have something to do with how much inspiration, information and encouragement I received from watching videos and reading stories of other women's birth experiences. It was my initiation into the world of blog!


Miss Daisy was due on July 19th 2010. She arrived at 11:45pm on Friday 16th July. Born in the bath into her Daddy's arms. Our beautiful midwife Shondelle was amazing - we love her to bits and are thankful for her love and care throughout our pregnancy, birth & beyond.

So here's the story!... 

We were very used to me having Braxton Hicks contractions as I'd had them since around 30 weeks and they'd always been that little bit painful. So with Miss Daisy's due date arriving, more BH didn't really seem out of character.

After finishing our grand deck (that's another post), Daddy wanted to 'christen' it before Miss Daisy's arrival so he arranged a poker night with some of the boys. I was under strict instruction not to go into labour that evening!

We spent the whole day cleaning up and preparing for the poker night, I actually cleaned between each piece of decking to get rid of the sawdust. Yep, 39 weeks pregnant on hands and knees scraping saw dust out! (Nesting much!?) I also helped Chris carry the spare timber etc off the deck and into our yard. When Chris was whipper snipping I got the mower out of the shed and offered to mow while he trimmed the edges (normal practice here), it was here he stopped me!

Well, the boys arrived and I took up residence in the bedroom and did some sewing... At 11:32pm (I don't know why I was so precise with the time!) I wrote Chris a letter which read as follows:

To my wonderful husband,
Thanks so much for your super hard work around the house today. Hasn't God really blessed us with such a beautiful place that perfectly meets our needs.

I hope you enjoyed your poker night (I'm pretty sure he was still enjoying it at this point!) I'm glad Miss Scarlet didn't come too early and make you miss out on your boys night! ;)

Been having contractions a fair bit so assuming we're constantly getting closer. Hope you're able to drive me!

Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow (If she doesn't come!)

I'm so blessed to be married to you and Scarlet will be blessed to have you as her Daddy! xx

  you. Goodnight.  me. xxx

I love that she was born the very next day! Almost exactly 24 hours later! :) Can't wait to show her this letter when she's all grown up! 

Back to the details, I did get my sleep in... I woke up about 7:45am to some pretty determined contractions. Even after having so many BH I knew that this was different. I left my sleepy husband in bed and went and had breakfast. I timed a few contractions just for fun (hey, have iPhone app, will use it!) and they were between 5-9 minutes apart... not too bad!

Since they weren't too close yet I decided to bake a 'birth'day cake... (see top photo) it was on my to-do list for things to do while in labour! It was a yummy Banana Cake with cream cheese frosting and it was great for energy/visitors over the following days!
I also did a load of washing and did a little cheeky facebooking...

Daddy was up and we started timing again from 12pm. Again they were between 5-9 minutes apart. This time we went out on the deck in the sunshine and played board games and talked with the puppies. The music was playing {Angus & Julia Stone} the sun was shining and the contractions just kept rolling in! Soon we'd meet our little girl!

We came inside and Chris played Playstation (thanks Uncle B!) - pausing it regularly to rub my back or touch me during each contraction as I jumped up and leaned over the gymball on the couch! The distraction of touch was amazing for me!

After such a tiring day the day before (and big night!) Chris had a nap while I continued to labour in the lounge room. I read some magazines between contractions. That birthing ball was the best... made it so much easier.

At 2pm we started timing again and now they seemed further apart - but stronger! Huh!?
Between 2-10 minutes apart and often on top of each other. We rang our midwife at 3pm to update her.

She said a hot shower might kickstart regular contractions or put a stop to things if it were false labour - it was worth a shot. I remember thinking, "False labour? You're kidding!"

After the shower Chris had another snooze (I tried but wasn't comfy enough lieing down) but this time it was only short lived! Before long I was contracting between 1-4 minutes apart!

We continued on at home and packed the car in preparation for when we would leave (better to do it early!) 

At 7:30pm Chris rang Shondelle to tell her we'd certainly seen things speed up since the shower. She heard me groan through my next contraction and told Chris we should come in!

Getting dressed was a bit of a challenge with contractions coming so close together! Done! 
A contraction in the bedroom, one at the door - then out to the car! Brr... it was cold out!

Once in the car I was aware that I wouldn't be able to change position during a contraction... eeek! I had loved standing and leaning over things, able to sway my hips from side to side... Not going to happen in the car!

As we drove away Chris confidently told me it was only 8 mins to the Hospital - that would be only 3-4 contractions! That sounded okay...

We got onto the freeway and the first one came... "Scratch my leg.." I requested! Chris' touch was enough to distract my attention from the contraction. 2 more and we were nearly there!

When we arrived I had one last contraction in the car then we made our way inside. I had another one in the elevator (we shared it with some random guy who wasn't sure if he should say/do anything! Your awkward smile was enough!) :) and another at the Birthing Unit door... 

We entered the room and I had one last contraction leaning over the super fancy bed (which we didn't use!) had an internal (5cm) and jumped in the bath!

8:20pm - before internal/hopping in bath. 5cm.

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