Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The new park!

You might remember me posting a while ago wondering where our park had gone?

Well, it's finally finished! And it meets the whole family's approval!

Isn't it just fabulous! In my post above I detailed that the budget was $24,000 - it seems they almost doubled that and gave us this brilliant park!
We had a lovely time trying out the new play equipment... we did have our neighbour's company when we first arrived but very quickly had the whole park to ourselves!

What a wonderful addition to our new home having this only 100m away from our property! We were a little sad they weren't replacing it with another wooden structure, however, the colour scheme chosen is just great!

We love that they added a natural element with the large sandstone rocks around the border too! We think we might paint some stones with flowers and fairies and hide them up at the park for everyone to enjoy! What do you think?

We also met two 'new neighbours' at the park yesterday whom we haven't met before which was great!
Here's to a neighbourhood Christmas party in the new park!

And a little update on our own magical garden play area too!... Miss Daisy, mummy and daddy have all been busy and so far this is how it looks!

We've got lots of things we'd love to add but we're happy to say it's being thoroughly enjoyed as is too!

Hope you're having a lovely week.

I'm being swept up in reading about Waldorf Education this week - what's inspiring you?