Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outdoor Play - Collecting and Washing River Rocks

dry river bed

Since putting in our dry river bed we've had lots of fun play cooking with river rocks, stacking them, lining them up and of course, throwing them!

One of Miss Daisy's little friends has a birthday on this weekend and we're hoping to make him some story stones. It's a Pirate themed birthday so mummy is going to help and paint some pirate pictures on some river stones.

The first time I saw story stones was when Miss Daisy's clever Aunt from Paint On The Ceiling made some... we were fortunate enough to get some for her Christmas present that year!

We've not ventured in to making our own yet, but it's been something I've wanted to do. My artistic abilities are not even close to Hannah's but I would love to give it a go!
Our first step in making our own story stones was to collect and wash our stones.
dry river beddry river bed

dry river bed
dry river bed
 Click over to my post on our Pirate Story Stones to see how our gift for the birthday boy turned out! :)