Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Can we go to ballet again please?

I had hoped this post might be image heavy, with amazing shots (I took both lenses for our DSLR along) of Miss Daisy at her first gymnastics lesson.
But carrying a baby, a bag and guiding a toddler through a car park, I decided to leave the camera in the car and just relish in the morning ourselves. No cameras. Just us. And it was grand.

If you'd like more inspiration for sometimes putting the camera away, take a look at this post from One Perfect Day. Our children notice these things. I'm sure Miss Daisy noticed Mummy's full attention this morning.

She called it ballet, because she'd like to do ballet like Peppa Pig, I tried to explain this wasn't ballet but she had fun all the same.
So much fun that she cried the whole way home saying she'd like to go back to ballet, pleeease!

So here is a post, without any images. But I have plenty etched in my mind.

Her face as The Wiggles song came on to start.
Her little toes gripping the mat as she ran and followed the lines.
Her attempts at jumping over the 'hurdles' and her joy at jumping in the hoops.
Her success at climbing up the ramp.
Her bouncing along the trampoline and stumbling off the end each time in a half jump, half fall!
Her little interactions with the other children.
And her excitement at receiving a star stamp on her hand at the end.

For now I'll keep them in my head. I will take the camera one week and capture this for all time. And for Daddy.
But for now it was a morning that we shared. Holding hands. Balancing. Singing. Dancing. Jumping. And having fun together. Without any need to do something again for the camera or a particular shot mummy wants. It was just for the joy of it. The fun of it. For her.

Hope you're having a lovely week.