Monday, October 22, 2012

Handmade Story Stones - A Pirate Party Gift

Pirate Story Stones :: Just For Daisy
After collecting and washing our river rocks, we brought them inside and talked about painting them for Mr 5's Pirate Party present.
Due to a crying 4 month old our painting time was cut short and this turned into an evening therapy session for mummy instead- with me painting this collection of pirate themed rocks on my own.

Once again I want to point you to my inspiration for these - Hannah's amazing story stones are a favourite here (and all over Pinterest!) for all Miss Daisy's friends who come to play and Miss Daisy herself has had hours of fun and created endless games/stories using these amazing visual prompts. Hannah talks about how she originally used the concept of story stones to create unique stories with her then 2 year old.
Pirate Story Stones :: Just For Daisy
I am not as artistic as Hannah and would struggle to create such amazing images on my own. However, I brought up some google images of pirate themed 'things' on my iPad and was able to copy them onto my stones freehand with a very fine paintbrush. I really enjoyed the process and I know this family will value such a unique, handmade and love filled gift. Can you tell I feel a little bit proud?!

I would certainly recommend painting stones with your toddler, however, if you're after a cheap yet impressive gift this will suit any theme. And is a great late night wind down for busy mums!

Hoping Mr 5 loves his story stones when he opens his treasure bag!
Pirate Story Stones :: Just For Daisy