Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making A Geoboard Busy Bag with Activity Card Printable

Well our second Australian Busy Bag Swap is all but over! Participants will be receiving their bags in the mail this week and their children will be enjoying the amazing collection of Busy Bags from our contributors.

This time around I made a Geoboard with activity cards and I'd love to share with you how we made it.
Just For Daisy :: Make a Geoboard Busy Bag & Printable
Hubby was kind enough to cut up 11 pieces of pine for me in a 6" squares. Miss Daisy and I painted them blue (hers was treated with some extra colours!) and we added a piece of 5" felt to the backside.

Next I made a template for where our nails would sit on the geoboard... using this I dotted each board ready for the nails. They are approximately 1" apart.

I developed a simple template in Word after seeing these ones but wanting each square to be separate and just make some detailed touches myself. (Unfortunately the day I was printing my parents printer wasn't working so my sister and I hand ruled each of these patterns for all 11 Busy Bags!)

We laminated the cards and included a set of blank ones too! I grabbed a few bags of thick elastic bands from the junk shop and voila, put it all together and you have a geoboard!

This size is perfect for toddler hands, easy to pick up and a good size to manipulate bands around the nails. It would be great to use in the car or slip in your nappy bag for some quiet time in a waiting room.
Miss Daisy enjoyed getting the hang of stretching and positioning the elastic bands. The pictures will be something we work our way up to!

I'd love to know if you make your own geoboard! (Alternatively you could make 11 like I did!) :)

I would love to share with you my simple template you can use for a 5x5 Geoboard just like this one! Click on the pictures to be taken to the free download.