Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real Life Wednesday - A River Bed

Daddy was on school holidays for the last two weeks so we got to have lots of special family time at home. His first week was spent in the Australian outback taking a group of high school children on an 11 day trek!
But his second week we had his full attention and all his love and energy! He was at our beck and call. Could you buy a 1.2T rock please Daddy? Could you help dig a river bed Daddy? Could you lug 8 100kg railway sleepers around the yard to make a veggie patch Daddy? And his answer was always a resounding yes. Because his answer is always a resounding yes. Always.

He's great. He's the glue. He's the icing on the cake! And we love him. Lots.

So Real Life has meant more of the outdoors, more of our family. Less of this blog.
But hey, if Daddy's home - he wins hands down! :)