Friday, September 21, 2012

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake DIY

How To Make a Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Well, last year we had an amazing Rainbow Party for Miss Daisy's first birthday. This year she requested a Peppa Pig cake! With her little sister arriving only one month before, I wasn't up to an all out themed party but figured I could manage a cake!

Here's how we made a fabulous and easy Peppa Pig cake - you could use this for many licensed TV/movie characters. Especially Peppa as she's such a simple shape!

Here's how I did it:

1. First up I used an image of Peppa Pig from a google search to trace and create a template. I searched "Peppa Pig Colouring In" to get an image without colour etc. I magnified it and traced it straight from the screen!

2. Bake two cakes of your choice that will fit your stencil... I must admit I made the stencil after the cakes to ensure I could use the maximum amount of cake! I used my Gran's recipe.

3. Using your template cut out your cake pieces for the head and body. 

4. Next up I used bought icing to create some features. I bought white Royal Icing and hand dyed the colours I needed. I rolled the blue and green to create the background around Peppa. The others were shaped/moulded by hand.

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

5. I used a buttercream icing to cover Peppa's red dress, and her pink face and ears. Then I thickened the buttercream icing and made a darker shade of pink to pipe an outline! (In future I would change two things.. I wouldn't use chocolate cake as when it crumbles under icing you can see it, and I'd probably to a glaze/ganache over cake to seal it before icing!)

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake - Just For Daisy

6. Enjoy marvelous creation and use for two parties (two days in a row)

My hubby kept telling me that last years cake was going to be hard to beat! I hadn't set out to make myself a cake challenge every year, however, I know I loved the cakes my mum made for my siblings and I as we grew up and I enjoy baking. So I'd love to meet her requests as they come... we'll see what birthday #3 brings! Oh and someone else will be turning 1 before then! :) Bring on the cakes!

What's the most adventurous cake you've made?!