Sunday, May 8, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #2}

{scavenger hunt sunday #2}

Well, I've enjoyed thinking about photography a little more actively this week as I truly scavenged through my mind for these photo opportunities as we went about each day!

I carried my camera along with me most of the week to make sure I didn't miss an opportunity!

Here is what I came up with:

{SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)}

I really really love macro
And I love how it can blur the background into something oh so pretty! (That is probably oh so NOT technical! - but I love it!) When I get a lovely new camera this is one of the things I will definitely want to learn more about.
Well, here is my beautiful sister-in- law and her daughter when we took some photos of her 23 week bump last weekend. Baby #2 is growing fast!

By the way, it's Autumn here & the leaves are falling! 
This one is my SOOC and I love it! :)


We planted a pretty little "Daisy Patch" a few weeks ago - just some lettuce, spinach and potted herbs... this is the sprouting of our first seedlings as they enjoyed the sunshine on Tuesday afternoon! Oh so cute and tiny - but growing every day!
I couldn't resist more than one photo! Okay, yes it's 4 photos!

{Isn't it Ironic?}

Cindy's photo suggestion of 'Isn't it Ironic?' came to mind right as I was opening the Tupperware cupboard on Tuesday morning! 

Why is opening the Tupperware cupboard so ironic? 

Well, I love this cupboard to be as orderly as possible, otherwise, you open it up and things fall out every time. {We all have that kind of Tupperware cupboard or drawer right?} 
But... I also like to be able to unload the dishwasher without Miss Daisy at my feet. So... I opened the cupboard door and she went crazy! 
{NB: It's still untidy - ready for the next time I need 5 minutes!} 

I guess it's also ironic the number of fancy toys you could buy & yet our children would still be satisfied with finding their own 'toys' that are already lying around the house!
Tupperware colours are fantastic!


We drove 250km south of our home yesterday... it was a long drive... Miss Daisy endured it very well. We seemed to show more adverse effects from the long day than her! 
On the way home I thought it smelled like she may need a nappy change. It was 20 minutes until a major town but I implored Daddy to stop... well, thankfully we did! 
Next thing you know Miss Daisy was stripped off on the side of the freeway and an entirely new set of clothes was put on her! I'm surprised no-one beeped their horn at us! Whilst Daddy held poor little Daisy in the air, limbs flailing happily around without a care, I wiped down her back, legs and anywhere else that needed it!

Whilst parked on the side of the road and aware that I didn't have a 'lazy' photo (I kept picturing a cat in the sun but we don't have a cat!) I was disgusted by the huge trails of litter strewn across the edge of the freeway. One word to describe it although I'm sure there are others is LAZY.

I played around with this one in Picnik too... I love all the easy to use features... again... when I have a 'good' camera I'll learn more about 'real' photo editing! :)

{Smells like Spring}

Today I decided that since it is Autumn here I needed to interpret this one a little differently to my first thoughts of the season Spring! 

We bought a 4WD this week and it has a 2 inch lift on it... So I thought perhaps the underside of the front wheel bay would fit the bill of 'spring'... and let me tell you, the car also has its smells, it's turbo diesel so it has that truck like aroma as it begins and ends it's days journey. Sitting on the ground underneath it I could also smell the rubber of the new all terrain tyres. It certainly smelt like spring to me! 
Looking forward to adventures in our new 'truck'!

I did a partial colour swap for this photo in Picnik.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy week.

Hope all of you Mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day!

I certainly enjoyed my first!

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