Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Daisy Patch}

Pregnant with Miss Daisy and teaching a class of 31 was both exhausting and exhilarating! 

My beautiful class {yes, they were beautiful & I only got them for 1 semester!} loved to talk about how she was growing and changing in my tummy {we had a line on the board which grew and grew!}. Discussions flowed... What would happen when she came along? What would we name her? Could we name her Daisy in real life? What would she eat? 
...When we got onto how was she going to get out, we diverted the conversation elsewhere with a quick, "Talk to Mum & Dad about that one!"

We were doing a Unit of Work on Plants and I took the adventurous route of developing a vegetable garden for the two classes to plant, tend to and harvest! We had LOTS of fun planning and clearing and even more fun planting {in the rain!}

Unfortunately I didn't last to see the first harvest (herbs and snow peas came up quickly from memory!) 
But on school photo day I went back to school {still pregnant & still raining!} and the class gave me some beans to take home!

Some of my class affectionately called the garden the 'Daisy Patch'.

Well, here at home we've started our own little 'Daisy Patch'. 
We're continually throwing out half used lettuces and those expensive bunches of herbs are never fully used. So we've planted some potted herbs on the verandah and turned an old wheelbarrow into a garden bed for some lettuce and spinach!

My gorgeous niece Miss M helped me plant the seeds for the herb garden. And Daddy and I planted the lettuce/spinach, with a little help from Miss Daisy!

Looking forward to using our garden and hopefully expanding to a full garden bed. We figure we've kept Miss Daisy alive for 9 months... hopefully now we can be responsible for a garden too! We'll wait and see!

♥ i {heart} daisy 

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