Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{meal planning} :: |a week at our place|

So last time I posted about organisation {January} my sister said she loved my printables but really had hoped as she opened the document to see all the meals filled in for her to use! 
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I posted my free organisational printables again this last week and thought, hey, I could easily share some of my meal time recipes with you aswell!

So, here are the meals that we are having this week! I will post some of the recipes over the course of the week for you to enjoy!

You'll notice I took out the snacks section so that I could increase the font size of the meals. We are basically creatures of habit when it comes to breakfast! (Particularly me!) So this doesn't tend to change a lot. Also, I try to make sure that our weekly meals can be used as lunches which saves time and reduces waste!

I didn't fill in the grocery section as I had already shopped for the week. However, now that this is on the fridge I can use that section to top up my grocery list for next time... I already need to add cumin to the list!

Tonight we have swapped (yes, you can do that!) Tuesday and Wednesday's meals because I'm saving the Slow Cooker meal for my busy day on Wednesday!

So, look out for tomorrows delicious post "Fabulous Family Feast" which will give you my tabouli and hummus recipes as well as some tempting pictures of our feast to get you in the mood for an easy but deliciously good meal!

I will also share the two Slow Cooked meals for this week as the week progresses, these are fabulous especially as they cook through the day and are ready for you at dinner time without any extra effort!

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