Monday, March 7, 2011

New Fabric Makes Me Oh So Happy!


There's something quite exciting about a trip to buy new fabric! 

I love the trips where I'm not looking to buy anything in particular - suddenly I find myself sifting and sorting through row after row of fabric... 
I love seeing which impromptu fabric choices I end up coming home with that I {just couldn't leave on the shelf!} 
(I'm not sure that my husband shares the same sentiment!)

Today I went through {one of my fabric boxes} and found these four gorgeous fabrics which were just such 'impromptu' purchases. No real purpose or plan to use them but still a treasured place amongst my other fabrics!

I have pined over some delightful ruffled nappy covers on facebook from herehere and here.

I would LOVE to have an overlocker and enough talent to be able to make them! At the moment I don't have the former and I'm certainly not sure I have the talent required in the latter! (Update: I made myself some ruffled nappy covers... well, not myself... for Miss Daisy... take a look here!)

I will have to keep trying my hand at winning one of these gorgeous (and highly sought after!) covers from Muddy Ruffles or  Georgie Girl

Today I enjoyed a little bit of baking (yes, the Chocolate Slice again!), a visit from my niece (and her parents - she might be nearly 2 but she's not quite driving herself!), a little sewing (a name bunting for my new nephew - nearly done!) some HSC tutoring which = fabric $$, then dinner & couch time with my hubby (so far we've sat next to each other on our laptops! {gulp} - must finish blogging! He's looking at camper-vans!)

In between all of that leisure time... I've had the pleasure of the day to day happenings with an 8 month old! Miss Daisy and I had a little outing to the fruit shop tucked in between feeds & sleeps.

Family Picnic - March 2011

And my little snuffly, teething Daisy-girl has been
tucked up asleep since 7:30pm.
There's something quite nice about today!

Now to find the perfect project for this fabulous fabric!

Any ideas?
What do you think I should make?
I'd love you to leave a comment and let me know!

"Happy Monday everyone!"

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