Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Handmade} Nappy Wallet and Change Mat

I posted on Monday about some beautiful fabrics that I have in my stash that are not yet destined for a project! 

Well, having that fabric out on my desk right next to my sewing machine got me inspired.
 I decided to make a 'better version' of a little project that I did a while ago for my sister. 

Can you guess what it is? (The blog title might have given it away!)

{Particularly with all these babies being born at the moment, I thought I would find a different project to make - alongside the buntings, toys and blankets.}

My sister's 'first edition' was definitely a rough draft but still functional!
(I will try and scrape up a photo!!)

This one is definitely still a work in progress - my hubby has already come up with some "design flaws"! Daddies must be happy with baby products too you know!

I used fabric #3 with a pretty purple fabric I also had 'lying around'

I've definitely improved the design of this project since the last one (my scrawled pattern/instructions are a sight to see...) and aesthetically I think this one looks a lot better too!


Before I show you what I made - my beautiful Daisy-girl - her Daddy took this when he got home from work yesterday, we were watching him out the window as he arrived! 

So onto the project...! 

It's a handmade nappy wallet with a
coordinating handmade nappy change mat!
(Perhaps I will take progress photos of the next one I make and do a 'tutorial')

and all folded up ready to head out to the shops, snapped shut with it's pretty pink button!

So where did the idea come from?

Well, I guess credit can go to the overpriced 'fashionable' nappy clutches available to mums wanting a solution to lugging a full nappy bag everywhere. I saw these in a children's magazine when I was pregnant and really loved them - but didn't like the inflated price tag.

However, the way I came up with the design was this...

A while ago I found this delightful crayon roll here and decided to make one, it was a lovely little project and I found it to be super quick and easy!

After making the crayon roll I thought "Hey, this could become one of those trendy nappy wallets" and so the sketching (scrawling!) began.

My measurements were also different, I found these by estimating the space needed for the items I would include in the nappy wallet. (You could change these for any combination of items - toiletries, small toys, a diary with pens or a colouring book and pencils.)  

Oh, and where they've used felt I've used another piece of fabric (in this case my Monday-mentioned fabric!) just don't forget to hem the top edge before you sew it together (I learned that the hard way!)

Now - just waiting for a little pink bundle to arrive!

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