Friday, February 11, 2011

Tutorial: How to make fabric bunting {pt 1}

 {part 1}
So I thought if I posted about this I might get the inkling to finish it off... I seem to have a habit of starting a million things and getting them all nearly complete and then coming to a bit of a standstill!

So... here is the beginnings of my fabric bunting for a beautiful little boy!

It won't be much of a tutorial... but it's actually quite a simple project this one... Although very impressive and a great centerpiece for a child's room.

Firstly, make a cardboard pattern in the shape of a triangle... I used a full A4 piece of card, measured along the bottom of the sheet and found the middle, then ruled/cut down from each of the top corners to that point. Cut out the required amount in your desired fabric.

Next, trace your letters onto Heat'n'Bond paper (can't remember the name of the one I use!)
I traced them in reverse then ironed onto the linen... then cut them out... I traced in reverse so that when I ironed them onto the triangles the letters were the right way! :)

Then you have to blanket stitch around the letters... I will do a video of blanket stitching asap and link to it here!! :) Watch this space! :)

Now that your letters are ready... you can begin sewing your backing onto each triangle... 

Tutorial continued here - with {part 2} showing you how to attach your backing fabrics...