Monday, October 21, 2013

Word families and rhyming flip books for toddlers

Miss Daisy has recently acquired the skill of rhyming. She's absolutely perfected it, to the point that each and every conversation includes rhyming. Mostly those one word slightly cheeky answers include a cute rhyme added on the end.

I thought I'd build on this interest with some word families as she's also recently taken an interest in reading and writing letters and telling me things like 'b is for bananas' 'm is for medicine and milk'.
These were really quick and easy to make and have provided us with lots of different learning experiences.

Firstly I cut an A4 sheet of paper into 3" strips. I then cut off a 3" cross section to create the changing part of the flip book.
We decided on a word to start with e.g. cat and Miss Daisy then told me as many rhyming words for cat as she could. We tried to keep them to 3 letter words to stick with the nature of word families but discussed other words as she came up with them.
The original word 'cat' went on a long strip and the new beginning sounds went on the flippable pages. Easy right?