Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On my heart:: taking away the pain

If you're following along with my ramblings on Instagram you'd already be up to speed and know that Miss Daisy (3.5y) broke her leg on the weekend. A fracture straight across her tibia, just under the kneecap. 

The moment I heard her scream out as she landed down hard on the trampoline I was certain she had broken her leg or her foot. Her cry was something I'd never seen or heard from her before. I'm glad that we went on our knowledge of our girl and took her straight to emergency. 

She was in agony the whole way although only a 5 minute trip and yet still her ever polite self. Asking me to please not go around the corners because it was hurting. In shock. In pain. 
X-rays were done. Mistakes were made by an ill prepared doctor. And complaints were made. Big. Complaints. We then returned back to receiving the highest level of care from the CMO of the ED himself. Around 4 hours later we were driving home. 
I cannot fathom that some people receive the news their child will never walk again. Will suffer. Will need surgery (we're almost certain this wont but find out Wednesday). Or even worse will be outlived by their parents. I am trying to remember this amongst this small trial. 

My girl is handling it in the most amazing way. Without complaint. Occasionally whimpering to me that it's hurting. And I see in her eyes she's trying to be brave. She's never felt pain like this before. Skinned knees and prickles in fingers yes, broken bones, no. 
And so I wish I could feel it for her. Take it from her. Turn the clock back to the cheerful girl putting ice down people's backs only a small while before. But that's not how this thing works. 

So I'm going to learn from her. Each time I juggle my way with her into and onto the toilet, as we find things to do, as we embark on a very different paced 6-8 weeks. 
She triumphantly high fives me and declared 'We're a great team mummy" after our second successful toilet trip! And we are. We are a team. 

Ill keep you updated as I can't help but put these days into words here. 
Specialist appointments and a wheelchair fitting the next few days. 

We've also shuffled our bedroom furniture and have a new roomie which is easier than having to go to her room several times a night to settle and reposition her. 
And this. This will be a common occurrence round these parts I think! Trackie pants, iPads, bed hair and Babywearing!