Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On my mind: A blogger's confession

{Disclosure} This post has been in my drafts a few days... I have many others like it... where I talk (to myself) about how social media doesn't fit in with my life - and yet it is my life...
Feel free to skip over this one... or actually, do me a favour and leave me a comment and tell me what social media is like for you... I'd love to know!
This one is for the blogger's out there. But I guess it will speak true to anyone who's on social media of one form or another. And I suppose in today's society - that must be all of us right?

It's hard not to be a part of social media. Birthday invitations, dinner party plans, social catch ups, good news, bad news -  all seem to come from Facebook, SMS or another form of technology. I shared with some blogging buddies a while back what blogging sometimes felt like for me. The cold hard truth of it. Let me try and explain it here.

I blog, therefore I am.

Do you ever get the feeling that social media is keeping you alive? Or sucking the life out of you? It certainly seems vital to much of our daily happenings. And yet, is it?

Let me list where you might find me (online) on any given day... Blogging, Pinning, Facebooking, Instagramming... and very occasionally on Twitter! I've also signed up for Stumble Upon, Sulia and have a YouTube account. The latter I don't 'have the time' for... and the others... well somehow in my already busy day I make time for them... but why?

I blog, therefore I am.

We all have something... something that tells us we matter, we make a difference or we contribute.

Social media is often the only adult interaction I get in a day. It's usually with other mums and usually we are there to compliment each other, sympathise with each other or even 'idolise' (for want of a better word!) what each other has got done... perfect to stroke the ego or nullify great expectations and make us feel normal amongst the craziness!

So perhaps it's about identity then? Blogging, facebook sharing, instagram snaps... a way of identifying who I am... who we are as a family. Is that who we are? All of them are chosen by me. I'm inviting you into a chosen part of my life. A snippet. A small selection. A half truth some days perhaps?

Recently we went camping for 5 days. I came home and decided I wanted to be a camping mum. Or at least I wanted to be the camping mum I'd been for those 5 days. (Sometimes I'm a narky camping mum too!)
You see, when you're camping you're in a 'house' with thin walls. You're living close to other people with thin walls. And I guess in that sense you are your best self.

We were complimented by 4 different couples on how well behaved our children were and how lovely it was to camp nearby and see them play and interact.
We were there in tune with our children. Not rushing, not blogging, rarely instagramming and only facebooking long after the camp fire had died down and everyone was tucked into bed. We were present.

I blog, therefore I am.

So here's the part I want you to tell me:

What's your interpretation of social media? Why have we gone this way as a society? 

Do you interact with people more in real life or online life? I'd love to know!

PS. Today I was camping mum for a good half of the day... we picnicked at the park, we painted, we played music, we built towers, we read stories, we picked flowers... by bath time I was not camping mum.