Monday, October 28, 2013

Daisy Girl's Top iPad Apps for Toddlers

Would you believe that the iPad has at times lately become another boring toy for poor little Daisy as she battles to stay off her poor broken leg!

Well, not everyday, but sometimes it is. Yikes! However, there are some applications that she absolutely loves and these will keep her occupied after we've exhausted our options with painting, colouring, crafting, playing farms, reading books etc!

So without further ado, here are Miss Daisy's favourite apps for iPad:
(You can search for each of these in the app store!)

Play School Art Maker
We love this app. We love Play School and we love free apps so of course this is one of our top picks! Play School Art Maker allows your child to create collages at various locations, farm, beach, space with their favourite play school characters. Charming illustrations and a real connection the the TV program... we highly recommend this one! There are also puzzles that you can build whilst you create your collage.

Play School Play Time (New!)
Recently Play School Play Time was launched and we've enjoyed exploring this app so much! It is centered around Humpty's birthday and the play school clock. There is a party related activity for each hour of the day... as well as putting Humpty to bed after his busy day!
My favourite is Humpty checking the mail and reading his birthday cards. Great for pre and beginning readers as they follow along and tap the words as they are read aloud. Genius!

Teach Me - Toddler
This one is certainly worth the dollar we paid for it. Miss Daisy enjoys this app and is able to navigate around the app easily on her own. You can choose which skills to practice and there is a great 'report card' that shows you the skills your child has mastered. Teach Me is also available for other grades and can have multiple users progress saved.

Writing Wizard
We purchased this one a week or so ago as Miss Daisy has been starting to further enjoy writing and request letter practice a lot. Why not add in some iPad practice! We've got a few other free word tracing apps but this one takes the cake! There are so many ways you can personalise it for your child's level of interest and skill.

Animal Kingdom (Animal Draw)
(Lite version - free or $1.99)
We currently have the lite version of this but I would love to buy the full version... each time I go to buy it I seem to have forgotten my password or have to enter payment details that I don't know on the spot! But the lite version is great! A good app because it doesn't require an internet connection... and has a variety of different activities for children to enjoy.

ABC iView
This is a life saver around here. We are a commercial TV free family. Haven't hooked it up in coming up to two years! However, we do still pop our children in front of TV shows every now and then and iView is a great way for us to do that. We use it to access ABC for Kids and love that it's updated frequently with new episodes of our favourite shows. My only addition here would be that iView is not only for children's programs. Miss Daisy is very well versed in selecting the 'ABC for Kids' section and choosing her programs there but there is definitely room for children to click onto other programs in error. Just a 'buyer beware'.

So there you have it. Six of Miss Daisy's most used apps that we're currently loving!

What's your favourite iPad app?

Still looking for ideas? Check out my iPad Pinterest board for more great apps!