Thursday, October 31, 2013

Watercolour Resist Painting with Candles

Miss Daisy and I enjoy the times when Li'l Peppa goes to bed. She's napping about 3+ hours at the moment so we usually get a nice block of time together.

We use this time to do things that we can't get out while our active 1 year old is bouncing around! So paints, puzzles, peg boards and anything else with small pieces or ultra messy.
It's also not unusual for us just to use this time to play something like tea parties, dolls house or mummies and babies without a real baby interrupting us!

Last week I thought we'd make some thank you cards for (the first lot) of people who've been so kind as to send Miss Daisy something special in the post or brought something on their visit. She's been really well entertained and gained lots of special new things too!

I decided to grab some tealight candles and make some Watercolour resist paintings.

Miss Daisy took the candles out of their foil holder. Then she created her own designs all over the page.  I explained she'd have to press quite firmly and she remarked about them being secret because you could only see if you looked on a certain angle with the light.

Then we got to the real magic! Making our secret patterns come alive! We grabbed our watercolour paints and set about painting over our paper.

At first Miss Daisy was a little disconcerted that 'those bits' weren't painting. And she tried over and over again to cover them up. So we discussed some more what the candle had done and why the paint wasn't covering them!

We made some cards out of our paper scribbles and then I also wrote the words Thank You on some prefolded paper and let Miss Daisy bring our secret message to life with the water colours.

And all this card writing is great practice for writing our name!