Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Blogs For A Thursday #15

Here we go again! :) I'm nearly at the end of my fabulous Aussie Kid Blogging friends... here are three more amazing blogs for you to check out! 

Isn't the title of this blog magical. Surrounded by our children we are surrounded by inspiration - and from that comes an outpouring of creativity just waiting to be used.
I know from what I read here that I would have loved to work with Elise and that she would have been such a wonderful educator as she now is with her own children and through this blog. Truly some great ideas here - stay awhile! :)

I love the family focus of this delightful blog. I particularly love the outdoor play series and know that I'll find so many ideas useful as the weather is getting warmer and brighter! I love the name of the blog and love that I too can see the natural whimsical nature in my two year old... I love that this blog encourages me to foster that!

I love Ali's focus on process not product. This is something I have to remind myself of. It's so important to let our children explore, play and create without us always taking over to get them to a specific finished product. How much more can we learn and remember from letting them complete a task to their own interest, ability and desire. Thanks Ali for the fabulous ideas you share!

'Til next Thursday - tell me, what blogs are you reading at the moment!? I'm always after new blogs to read in my 'spare time'! x