Sunday, September 9, 2012

Playdough is Always Fun

I think I may have found the world's easiest playdough recipe!

How often do you play with Playdough? We always have a batch in the fridge here for those times where we need an activity in a hurry!

I usually use my microwave playdough recipe, however, recently I found a fabulous new recipe that is even easier than that!

I could hardly believe my eyes!

You can find this 4 minute playdough recipe over at The Imagination Tree.

Miss Daisy and I bunkered down in her room a while back as Daddy and Poppa set to work putting a dishwasher into our kitchen! Hooray!
We rolled, we pricked, we patted, we built... it was a great morning of playdough fun!

But is there more to it than that?

We were able to discuss the texture of the playdough.
The length of the sticks.
The position of the sticks.
The height of the playdough tower.
The number of holes.
The emotion on faces. And copy them!
And so much more!

Playdough is an essential in our fridge! Always ready for little hands (and big) to explore!