Monday, September 3, 2012

Father's Day Silhouette Canvas

I left our Father's Day crafting 'til the last minute this year (as with most things)! Thankfully, I found this on Pinterest and loved it straight away! So here is our own interpretation of a silhouette canvas for Daddy this Father's Day!

There is a great description on how to make these if you follow the link above. However, it's also pretty easy to do on your own!

We grabbed the following from our local cheap store:

- thick contact paper $3.00
- two canvases $6.00
- paint/brushes (we had these at home)

I took some side profile photographs of Miss Daisy and traced it straight from my computer screen as my printer is a little fiddly to use at the moment!

Once I had my profile I traced it onto the contact paper and cut it out. You will probably have to choose which parts of your child's hair to accent as you trace/cut.
Also remember because it's sticky it will be mirror image when on your canvas so decide which way you'd like your silhouette to face and trace it in reverse! :)

Once you've cut out your image out, peel off the backing paper and stick on canvas in desired position ensuring there are no bubbles and the edges are stuck down well to prevent paint bleeding underneath.

We then gave ours two coats of paint in a colour that matched some other things in our living room. Once they were dry (be patient and really let it dry off) we peeled back the contact carefully. And this is what resulted! A very clear silhouette of Miss Daisy!

Silhouette Canvas - Just For Daisy
Daddy was pleased to unwrap this unique gift on Father's Day. He also appreciated the new undies in the bottom of the bag too!
We also made a second canvas with the handprints of each family member. They now have pride of place in our living room! (next to the air cond remote!!)
Silhouette Canvas Craft - Just For Daisy