Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

Generally in a day I have one or both children on my body.
It might be in the ERGO (either of them) napping as I stroll around the shops.
Sometimes it's cuddling and reading a story.
There's nursing Miss Peppa day and night (not so much at night now which is great!)
There's snuggling with Miss Daisy in the morning when she wakes too early for us to crawl out of bed!
Sometimes it's a combination.
Sometimes it's snuggle. nurse. read. repeat.

Lately I've had to come up with ingenious ways of nursing a fussy baby and entertaining, snuggling or reading to the toddler simultaneously!
It's tricky. It's all about timing. And it's fun!

This is us. This is Real Life.

Real Life Wednesdays