Thursday, July 5, 2012

There's a baby in my bedroom...

It's past midnight. Half past to be exact. I've gone through a few phases of tiredness in the last hour. The cranky type where you're woken from peaceful slumber to the sound of a grunting baby who you know is working their way up to a cry. It's feed time. Who could blame her!

The disbelief when the cry starts even though you knew it all along!

The head dropping tiredness as you nurse that gorgeous little bundle. Waking yourself suddenly as your head dips lower abruptly and your eyes droop!

We never had Miss Daisy in our room. Not a single night - she never slept in our bed either aside from a below zero camping trip and the odd illness after she was one! Deprived? Perhaps? She slept so well there was never a need. She was happy and content and slept well - in her own room.

It's cold here. The new house. So I felt sorry for Li'l Peppa. Or maybe I felt sorry for me. She's here, in our bedroom. It's been nice to have her a meter away. But it's also been difficult.

Babies are noisy! They grunt and groan and squeak! Sometimes I listen and enjoy the sounds. In awe of the life we created laying beside me.
Oftentimes though I pull the covers up high over my head. I grunt and groan and attempt to tune out from those precious sounds. Trying earnestly for just one more minute of blissful slumber.

She's sleeping well. I'm only feeding her once or sometimes twice through the night. Nothing to complain about really. So soon we'll probably put her in her own room. Maybe.

She's asleep on my shoulder right now. Because she's quiet there. No grunting or groaning. Just beautiful little breaths and the occasional whistle through her slightly blocked nose.

She's precious. I must remember how quickly she will grow. How fleeting these tiresome nights really are.