Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hand Print Blossom Trees - Collage with a toddler

The last two days I've put Miss Daisy down for her nap... she hasn't slept (in her bed)... but she also hasn't asked to come out of her room. Win!

So far today she's played independently in there for over 2 hours! Yesterday this was the result after an hour and a half!

Yes, she's perfectly safe in there. We have a video monitor of both our girls rooms - probably the only thing I've won in my life and so useful! (Yes, you read that right. Miss Peppa is now in her own room now - and loving it!) I've really enjoyed standing at the door and eavesdropping on Miss Daisy's conversations with her toys or listening to her read a book by heart! Brings a smile to my face!

So, today while Daisy's played happily I've done laundry & put it away, cleaned the kitchen, spent time on the computer, called council about our park that disappeared and generally just spent some time without sipping those bottomless cups of tea or singing Upsy Daisy. As much as I do love bottomless cups of tea and I'd make a perfect understudy for Upsy Daisy!! Just sayin'!
"Where's the park gone?"
However I do love to have special time with Miss Daisy where we are doing something creative, meaningful and engaging together. And I try to do it everyday... Today this was it...

I love collage... I remember enjoying putting different materials on paper when I was younger and enjoying my unique creation. I decided Miss Daisy and I would make a handprint craft that imitates some of what we saw on our walk to the un-park this morning! And we saw plenty of trees, most without their leaves on but a few gorgeous trees with beautiful pink blossoms made our walk a little more beautiful!

These were quite simple and only used a few supplies from our craft box. We traced Miss Daisy's hands onto a brown paper bag. She also had a turn at tracing mine which was a great fine motor skill practice. She enjoyed instructing me to put my other hand down etc!

Hand Print Blossom Trees - Just For Daisy
Basically then we stuck her hand prints down onto a blank sheet of paper and then we scrunched some pink tissue paper to make the blossoms.

I love how doing art and craft brings out so much language development and opportunities for conversations that would not come up in ordinary play.

It was about then that Li'l Peppa woke up and decided it was feed time! I one handedly grabbed out a range of our bits and bobs from the craft box and left Miss Daisy with a blank canvas....

This was the first time she'd used feathers... in this photo she was saying, "These trees are really really tall!" "I'm making a tall tree!"

She enjoyed putting things on and off the paper (sans glue) and creating little towers... before throwing it all on the floor.

I'm hoping to create a term plan/program (much like when I was teaching) that will include a range of learning experiences that use a broad range of skills and interests. This will keep me accountable and help me to plan ahead to make sure Daisy and I are doing great things each day!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the disappearing park... it was deemed unsafe... boo hoo!
But on the bright side - we now get to have a say in the 'new park' which will be put in it's place! After having to drag Miss Daisy away from an empty pile of dirt that used to be her park I've promised her nothing short of a theme park! :)