Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick & Cheap Laundry Makeover

Miss Daisy still affectionately says, "We're at the new house" each time we pull up at home! We should have named it something more creative when we were preparing her for the move - but 4 months on it is still affectionately known this way!

The new house has a mud room - cool I know. It doesn't look like some of the gorgeous mud rooms I've pinned on Pinterest though! It's muddy, the dogs frequent it, there's been a mouse or two sighted and it houses the laundry sink, firewood and all of our muddy boots! So I needed a few little changes to make me 'enjoy' getting out there.

This particular shelf has been a point of contention. Notice the bottom two shelves are empty...
I had a gorgeous pair of leather blundstone style boots for Miss Daisy and a gorgeous pair of leather sandals that were amongst other shoes on the lower shelves. Well, our puppies decided they'd be great chew toys and took one shoe from each pair.... couldn't they have just picked one set and ruined them!

I actually held onto the opposite shoes long after throwing out the mangled ones. Not like they were useful for anything. But when they're the only shoes I've bought for Miss Daisy that cost more than $8 (They were $40!) (The sandals were free) it really hurt to see them go!

The puppies were in trouble that day!

I didn't want to spend a lot of money making changes as we will hopefully renovate this room properly soon and I wouldn't want to have wasted money unnecessarily!

So I grabbed a tin of white ceiling paint we had in the shed and did a rough coat on the aforementioned shelf!

The roughness was good and left it with a whitewashed/shabby feel which I was thoroughly happy with!

I replaced each of the shelves and then hubby and I took a trip to Bunnings and got some brackets to mount it to the wall.

Yes, our dishwasher is currently housed in our laundry/mud room. Our kitchen doesn't have a designated space for it at the moment so we're waiting patiently for the right time to hack into the kitchen and make a few adjustments. I'm quite enjoying those quiet times at the sink and Miss Daisy is starting to enjoy helping me in her own little sink, "I get my toothbrush Mum" - we've (kind of) established that it's a scrubbing brush and it's NOT for her teeth! Or hair!
         One of my aims was to get all of these bits n pieces off the dryer/dishwasher and up onto a shelf...

I will need to take more 'finished' photos but here is a taste of what it looks like now! The shelf was mounted horizontally to give me some great shelving space in the compartments and also above. I've also got some hooks to attach to the underside of the shelving for things like dustpan/brush, washbags etc.