Thursday, July 5, 2012

On doubling recipes... and children!

On Tuesday I decided to make my go-to cookie dough and have some cookies to give to our neighbours... of course everyone wants to keep cookies for themselves so I thought I'd double the recipe...

Well, somewhere along the line I wasn't concentrating. It could have been the load of nappies I was swapping from the washer to the dryer. Or perhaps it was the fact that I also had a batch of pumpkin soup on the stove. Actually, it was probably the momentary lapse of thinking as I fixed Miss Daisy a snack and mopped up the second cup of water she'd tipped on the floor.

As I was running to the bathroom with Miss Daisy upon her request to go to the toilet... fast! I noticed that the cookies in the oven were a little flatter than usual! I thought perhaps it was the no name butter I bought from the grocery store?

It couldn't have been anything I'd done... perhaps it was because I used the food processor to cream the butter and not the hand mixer? Maybe you can't double this recipe? No, I've doubled it before - maybe it's the oven.

Well, while I was attending to Toddler Toileting 101 and reading Thomas the Tank Engine - I remembered the cookies in the oven! I sang out and requested  that hubby retrieve them promptly. (He was a little unsure as the cake I asked him to check last week came out uncooked three times! Then he dug a small crater in the middle to really test it!) Hubby commented on the cookies looking a little different to normal, actually I think he said, "They've all run together and look like a cake, is that what you wanted?"

What!? They didn't spring to life and magically rise into Pinterest worthy creations while I was gone?

Then it happened...
Hubby: "Do you think you might have left out an ingredient?"
Me: "No I make these all the time. I doubled everything."
Hubby: Something along the lines of I bet you didn't... chuckle... they're okay... chuckle... check the recipe
Me: "I doubled everything!"

Of course I couldn't help but go back and check the recipe... and the unfortunate truth was revealed. Yes, I did that thing where you forget to double ALL the ingredients. I hadn't doubled the flour!

The cookies were intensely sweet... hubby tried to tell me they tasted like Subway cookies but I made sure each tray made their way to the bin across the course of the afternoon!

I was bitterly disappointed that my easy cookie dough had taken up a good chunk of my afternoon and to no avail. I remade the cookies Wednesday evening, I doubled the recipe, successfully this time! I made them chocolate chip with sprinkles... after finding this great recipe with 100's and 1000's around the cookie! They were delicious!

Miss Daisy usually enjoys cooking with me. Last night she was in bed, and on Tuesday she was in one of those moods where she was impartial to everything. "I can't make cookies with you Mum" "I can't have lunch today" "I can't have a new nappy" "I can't have a nap" 

I don't like to do too many 'me' things without her in the day that make her wait or mean she has to be occupied by DVD's or fish for attention. She plays wonderfully with her toys and I love to listen to her little imagination soar as she plays solo! However, at times she wants me to play with her - and I like to oblige... she brings me so much joy and these moments are only for a little while.

Like doubling recipes we've doubled our children in the last month! And that has brought with it new challenges... and perhaps new blog posts!

Some to note on doubling children include:

- What order to pack kids in and out of car...
- How to grocery shop successfully with two children
- Do parent naps exist with two children...?
- How many times can you 'forget' you have two children before it becomes a DOCS issue?
- If both are crying, who do you see to first?

Anyway, I'm adjusting to the new life with two children. I would love to have more... perhaps... and so I am resolved that I must become stronger, wiser and more patient. Daily.

And always remember to double ALL ingredients! Perhaps we'll double our kids again soon! ;)