Friday, June 22, 2012

I love my ERGO but.... I made a sling!

We didn't buy a lot before Miss Daisy was born. We had a few generous families give us all their girls clothes - WOW! And we had gifts from the Baby Shower which helped to clothe, wrap and entertain our little girl.

However, prior to her arrival we had our hearts set on two purchases. I guess you'd call them our Baby Essentials... cloth nappies and a baby carrier.

Well, we found both at the Sydney Pregnancy Baby and Kid's expo in 2010! 
We purchased a Birth To Potty Pack from Real Nappies - and currently have our two girls in them! We LOVE them! And we bought an ERGObaby carrier from Babes In Arms as well! 

The ERGO is such a wonderful carrier, loved by both hubby and I! I was actually wearing Miss Daisy on my back around town the day before her baby sister was born! Super comfy I tell you, even at 38 weeks pregnant!!

However, I've often eyed off cute little newborns curled up in slings with their mumma's. So I started googling today and found this easy pattern for a basic Baby Sling. The instructions were super easy to follow. I used a vintage sheet I had to make a prototype (the sheet was fraying/breaking just from being looked at so couldn't be used for much else!) I loved it - even though I was only game to try it out with dolly in it! 

I decided to make another one as I was happy with the pattern/style. However, I decided to sew in an added lining to make the sling reversible and also to give it some added strength/durability. Two more vintage sheets later and I had this beautiful sling! It took all my self control not to wake Miss Peppa up early to try it out!

The website the pattern came from also has a great page dedicated to sling safety and different positions you can use the sling in. I decided I'd give it a go with Miss Daisy in it today too! Excuse the dummy - we were having a needy morning!!)

Babywearing DIY sling - Just For Daisy
An easy one to sew together and a great way to get an extra baby carrier/sling in your collection without any added cost!!

Tell me!? What are your baby essentials?! 
We seem to be going without a lot of things this time around!