Thursday, July 12, 2012

Painted Nails & Puppy Dog Tails

I cannot believe that it has been almost 2 years since this precious little girl made her beautiful entry into this world. We have been so blessed with her presence and more so every day as she grows into an amazing little girl.

It is with great joy that I recall putting on her umpteenth Peppa Pig video and finding her hand make it's way around my back and rest there. Gently rubbing a little and giving it a little pat as I finished. The affection kills me.

I laugh as I think of the way she says, "No" with a big grin and then follows it quickly with a long, "Yeees Mummy" It's become a bit of  running joke.

Her empathy when she sees someone is hurt or upset, "Are you okay Mummy?" after I stub my toe or spill milk on the bench. 

She longs to please us. Whether it's helping wash the dishes, peg the washing or wipe your bottom, she is there with valor and enthusiasm. Longing to mimic what she sees us do. Needless to say we draw the line at washing dishes! ;)

I'm filled with butterflies, the excited type, when I think of the day we painted her nails. She sat so still, marveling at what was occurring. She blew on them immediately upon request and was keen to show Daddy straight away.

I love to watch her with her baby sister. She hears her cry and says, "I'll fix her" and off she goes to say "It's okay, It's okay" or sing her a song (usually the song we've sung to comfort her for the last 2 years.) If she cannot fix her she will promptly state, "Mummy give her some breastmilk from your breastses"

My eldest niece turns 5 this year. I know that will come all too quick. 

For now we'll deal with turning two. 
We'll play more games. Build more towers. Sing more songs. Read more stories. And we'll watch more Peppa Pig.

Oh, and occasionally we'll pull a puppy dog's tail!