Monday, June 10, 2013

Whimsical Wand Tutorial: Includes video tutorial

A little while back I sold some of my handmade children's clothes and accessories at a local market. I decided to make a few simple toys to sell as well and these became a hot seller on the day!

I remember our school fetes when I was in Primary School having characters and felt creations on sticks that we could carry, dangle and wave around like mad! These seemed to get just the same reception from Miss Daisy and then from my happy customers! (I also made some rocket ships but neglected to photograph them before they went to their new homes!)

I decided to put how to make these together into a quick video tutorial, please forgive the shaky camera, the slip ups in my instructions and all those other things that we apologise for when we video ourselves or our voices! (Nowhere near as bad as on a cassette tape though - did you ever record yourself on a cassette?) Anyway, enjoy! And I'd love to see your wands if you ever put some together yourself!

And here is the tutorial to help you to blanket stitch two pieces of felt together!

What other shapes do you think would be fun on the end of a wooden wand?