Thursday, June 6, 2013

Survival. Some call it food. My husband calls it preventing hangryness!!

It's widely agreed upon that food is essential for survival
Now that means food has to make its way to us, 
or as it happens, us to the food. 

Here's an insight into food at our place. We try to buy locally where we can and are fortunate to have several local farmers selling, delivering or swapping fresh food in our area. We also have two amazing butchers who sell locally grown, grass fed meat! My other recent move is to buy much less home branded products. In particular we do not buy home brand milk (support our farmers people!) and are looking forward to local friends getting their organic dairy farm up and running! 

Yesterday after a fun filled morning at KindyGym we did our top up shop. We were out of quite a few of our staples. And I survive on staples. If they're in the house I know I've got so many options for dinners, desserts and baked treats/snacks. 

We don't buy any prepackaged sauces, chips, muesli bars, soft drink, confectionary, frozen meals etc unless we're entertaining. If there are treats in the house they're made at home, together. We try to eat 3 vegetarian meals each week, sometimes more. Coffee/tea are only consumed when guests are here...we haven't caught onto that fad yet either!

Here's how we do it. 

We generally stock our freezer with:
- Burgen bread
- raisin toast
- frozen berries
- homemade pizza dough portions
- frozen grass fed meats (we eat meat 2-3 times a week)
- frozen fish (we try to eat fish once a week)
- mozarella cheese

And our fridge is best kept full of:
- eggs (usually local eggs or free range store bought)
- milk (Dairy Farmers)
- cheese (block cheese for grating, slicing etc)
- yogurt (vanilla & natural)
- garlic, ginger, etc
- low salt butter (for endless baking!)
- salad/vegetables 

Pantry items that can be turned into all sorts of goodness:
- oats/quick oats
- canned apples
- flours, sugars, etc (all stored in my lovely Tupperware collection!)
- pasta
- canned tuna
- dates/assorted nuts
- dried herbs/spices (a lot!)
- tinned food (diced tomatoes, chick peas, mixed beans, coconut milk)

And our bench top is always (well usually!) overflowing with fresh fruits and avocados. 

So what does all this have to do with survival? These simple staples are what I have on hand which allow me to make simple, wholesome and tasty food for my growing family. 

Keep your eyes here as I work on something special to share these favourite recipes with you. 

On a side note: Do you think putting away groceries takes equal if not more time than doing them!!?? Ugh! It's the worst part of grocery shopping - and yesterday I took two unhappy littles with me!