Friday, June 14, 2013

How not to make Bubble Art

Last week we decided to do some bubble art. It came about because Miss Daisy LOVES to have a straw and if there's a straw then there's bubbles being blown into the drink! 
This particular day she had a juice popper and was trying to blow bubbles but couldn't see them! To avert such a tragedy I asked if she'd like to make some bubble paintings! This was met with a cheery, 'yes please!'

So I set off to grab some yogurt pots, straws, coloured paint and dishwashing liquid.
I put a little water and dishwashing liquid in each pot then added some coloured paint. I stirred it up with one of the straws and smiled at my success.

We had so much fun blowing our bubbles. They grew and grew. We giggled and giggled.

But when it came to printing they didn't quite match up to what I remembered from the days that my mum set this activity up with us as children.

We had bubbles, we had colour but it didn't make much of an attractive print.

I learned a few things from this activity... it was a great reminder of process vs product. What was the goal of this activity... to have fun with Miss Daisy's love of blowing bubbles. Tick - we accomplished that!

Miss Daisy also thought that printing the bubbles on the paper was magical, regardless of the end result.

And to top it off she was actually quite thrilled with the end result anyway! We decided to let them dry and keep them to draw on later, as we could see some shapes that we could use to draw from.

We'll give this another go once I check with my mum what the trick is! I think one of our errors could have been the yogurt container being too tall?? Any tips you know for successful bubble art?

Here's a clever take on it from
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...and a successful looking bubble artwork from Picklebums too!

Have you done bubble art? How did yours turn out? :)