Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Job entitlements

My hubby is in the process of resigning from one job and moving into a new one. The decision to change jobs came with lots of discussion, particularly about what entitlements or benefits each position brought compared with the other. That's life isn't it? We want the best for ourselves?

Well, it got me thinking about my current place of employment (it's often messy and rarely quiet!). Life as a SAHM comes with very few job entitlements or benefits. Or does it.

I swear I write this post daily in my head. It's like an internal groaning. Sometimes I write it. Then I'm too embarrassed to publish it. It always reads differently but here's the general gist of it.
"Here's how hard life is for me. Here's how many things I miss out on each day. Here's where all the hours in my day go, see I had no time for myself. I shower with an audience. Don't even ask me about going to the toilet! And...."

You ever get that feeling?
And yet, there is so much in that day that fills me with indescribable joy!

The part where my girls smile and laugh together.
The part where we read books and play games that I could never have invented.
The part where we do craft and scrunch all the coloured craft paper to make a giant Christmas tree.
The part where we play dolls house and Miss Daisy tells me what to do and say.
The part where I get to watch my girls grow and change before my eyes.
The part where I share it with the most amazing, patient, Godly and loving man.
The part where I realise that they're not getting in the way of my day, they are my day!

How could I miss any of that? How could I go a day without being a part of that.
And so, although I find my job tiring, stretching me to my tallest tip toes some days. There isn't another job in the world that has benefits or entitlements that outweigh the one I'm doing now.

I'm blissfully, exhaustingly happy. And I have the most amazing husband in the world. He cooks, cleans and child rears like a pro! :) Bummer that he goes back to work next week!

I'm interested to know though, what's your dream job?!