Monday, January 28, 2013

50 things that make you know you're a Mum

Here's a little list that might make you laugh, or cry. I bet you can relate to a few of these! Here's 50 things that make you know you're a mum... and not forget it!

Just For Daisy :: 50 Things That Make You Know You're A Mum!

1. Showering in private is a thing of the past. Some days I set up seating and snacks!
2. Visits to the grocery store must be timed well.
3. A trip to the grocery store alone is like a tropical getaway!
4. You spoon feed your little one and find your own mouth open, willing them to get it in!
5. You hear hundreds of questions a day. Most of them being "why?"
6. You can find ALL the buttons on the onesie in the dark
7. You celebrate over the consumption of vegetables. Every little bit.
8. Bribery is no longer beneath you
9. You've been pregnant or breast feeding longer than you can remember!
10. You have a love/hate relationship with both.
11. You can read most of the books on the children's shelf without looking.
12. The dishwasher is always in rotation. Clean. Dirty. Clean. Dirty. Repeat.
13. The washing baskets are all empty simultaneously. Almost never.
14. You find toys in shoes and glue sticks in the pots and pans cupboard.
15. You have seen Disney/Pixar movies so many times you can recite them by heart
16. So can your child.
17. Your desk has your child's artwork all over it. Some of it is on paper!
18. Your child is fluent in iPad, iPhone and several other devices!
19. You photograph the magnificent and the mundane. They're all memories to you.
20. Your job entitlements are sketchy. But you're still content in your work.
21. Ice Cream is dairy. So it's kind of good for you. And your kids.
22. Your bed often has a little person in it
23. You're a touch afraid of your toddler
24. Social media keeps you alive. And sucks the life out of you.
25. You can make voices when reading that leave your children wondering who said that!
26. You've had that moment in the public toilet. "Are you doing a poo mum?" "Want me to wipe for you?"
27. You name a room in your house Shrek's Room because that's where the TV is!
28. Your daughter has better phone manner than you. At 2.
29. Meals are rarely eaten hot.
30. Let's not talk about tea and coffee!
31. Sometimes you drive an extra few minutes (or more) just so your children sleep a little longer!
32. You do about 10% of the things you pin with all the best intentions!
33. You have little rhymes to remember your children's birthdays
34. You eat, pay and run at a restaurant to save face while the kids are still behaving!
35. Date night is often done at home
36. You are braver than you ever imagined.
37. You write blog posts with a little one on your lap
38. You don't leave the house without snacks or sippy cups
39. When you do you make a point to take your smallest handbag! It feels good!
40. Your strength is not your own.
41. Your husband rocks your world. And keeps it level.
42. You have too many half done projects to know where to start.
43. The toilet paper roll is always empty when it's your turn!
44. When one of your children are sick you could stay awake all night. When they're not sick. It hurts. A lot!
45. Your kisses can make anything better!
46. You draw the line at kissing butt's!
47. You talk about Shrek, Fiona, Alex the Lion and Nemo like they're family.
48. You oblige with one more story each night before bed.
49. Anything can be repaired with 'fixy-tape'
50. Those that can't are taken to the Lord in prayer. You've heard nothing better in life than your 2 year old's prayers.

Can you relate? I'd love for you to add to this list with a comment here or on my facebook page!


  1. Great list! My heads about to fall off from all the nodding :)

  2. Replies
    1. I think I could have done a list of 500!! And not been finished ;)

  3. 11, 19, and 42 are soooo true.

    #26 made me laugh so hard!

    #50 is precious and i agree whole heartedly. pinned and sharing on fb tmrw :)

    1. Haha!! I'm glad it made you laugh, I feel like loudly exclaiming 'no it's just a..." but try to resist hehe!

  4. Ohhh I can relate to most of those Rebekah, especially in the early days!

    I loved the one about talking movie characters like they are family. So true. That made me giggle!

  5. Oh my goodness. There comments are HILARIOUS!!!! I found myself nodding my head and giggling throughout. So true, all so very true.

  6. Hahaha you had me smiling at so many of these. I think I have regularly done most of these. I cheer at veggies being eaten, I have stopped making myself toast because it always goes cold and eat vegemite sandwiches for breakfast now instead, and I have one more than one occasion gone 50kms out of my way home because the children have been sleeping in the car! :D

    1. The sleeping in the car is endlessly putting me in tricky situations! haha!

  7. Number 30 was an issue for me, for a long time!
    With my youngest starting school this week, my number one priority on Day 1 was to sit and enjoy a Hot cup of tea, all the way to the bottom ;)

    1. I hope you truly enjoyed it. Bet you thought about them being away the whole time though!

  8. It's a never ending list :) once we become mums

  9. It's a neverending list once we become mums :)

  10. Love this, pinned it to SPP and I'm featuring it tomorrow on the Sunday Parenting Party

    1. Thanks so much! :) I'm sure it will be sympathised with by many! ;)

  11. I stopped counting the points I agree with cause I was nodding at them all!

    1. :) I had to stop writing them because it might have gone on forever! Glad we can band together as mums in these ways and laugh!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful...i loved reading through these...thanks so much for sharing with us and putting a smile on my face!!

  13. I think so many of these things to myself as I go through my days with my little one (soon to be little ones!). A wonderful list, thank you. Pinned it :)

    1. :) xx You'll love two! Busier but so blessed!

  14. Love your list Bekk, and so many resonated with me :-) Who knew grocery shopping on your own could be such a treat, hee hee!

    1. Oh yes! I'm mentally preparing myself to take the twosome out to the shops now... in the rain... you know the drill...!!

  15. Thanks for the giggle. I loved reading through the list


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