Friday, January 18, 2013

For Kochie - please don't tell me to be discreet

Hi Kochie,

It's me, Bek. I don't see a lot of you anymore because I don't have a tv. Haven't had one since March 2012. Boy am I glad too! I remember what commercial tv was like though. Soap operas, advertisements and an awful lot if parading of the female body!

You're right. Women should be more discreet with their breasts. I saw a woman exposing her breasts at the beach today. And at the shops. And out at dinner tonight. The only breast feeding mother I saw was myself. On the beach. At the shops. And in the restaurant. At the table. And no one saw an inch of skin. They enjoyed their meals. I enjoyed mine. And my 7 month old enjoyed hers!

I heard what you said. I've got lots of friends on Facebook. Friends who breastfeed. Friends who wear their babies. Friends who co-sleep. *insert gasp here* Friends who share when they hear someone wants them to cover up!

They tell me you support breast feeding. Thanks. That's important! They tell me you think women should breastfeed discreetly. Me too I guess. But there's more to it. I don't want to intentionally strip down to nothing with both breasts flailing in the wind and feed my daughter. Thats not necessary.

But I also won't put a blanket over her. She wouldn't stand for it anyway! And I won't go to a private room. Sometimes sure. But not always, then I might miss that coffee date with a friend, or catch up lunch or a date night with my dear hubby.

I fed my first daughter until she was 20 months old and my second is now 7 months and I will continue to feed her. Inside. Outside. Poolside. She deserves it.

I know you feel you've been misquoted in places. So I included a little of what you said. And I've also included some of my most indiscreet breast feeding moments!

Anyway. I hope you are able to forgive me for disagreeing. But let's use prime time to rally for women to model more discreet fashion, swimwear or general behaviour before we target a mother feeding her child.