Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How can my Blogger Pages and Tabs benefit my blog and readers?

Now that you've created some pages with their own tabs on your blog you want to know how to best put them to use right?

Well, here are just a few tips for making the most of your pages/tabs.

1. Catch your reader's eye
As you land on a blog or website you want to find out what the blog is all about. The trick is to show people what your blog is all about while all they have to do is scan the exact page they land on. No scrolling, no searching. Check out my 'landing page'. You can see my header, tabs, a small part of the about me section in the right sidebar and the title and opening text of my latest post. If you're interested in this google tutorials on what to have 'above the fold'.

Your tabs are a great way to entice your reader to click through and learn a little more about you or find what they came looking for easily. Create an About Me page and it will be frequently visited by newcomers to your blog. Make sure your other tabs have meaningful names that will attract your readers to click through also. Your tabs, like your header, are visible for your readers on each page/post that they enter, so make them count!

2. Use those tabs to direct your readers to other places on your blog. 
For instance, on my About Me page I have included links to some favourite or relevant posts on my blog, other pages of interest as well as links to my social media outlets such as Pinterest and Facebook. Use these links to create further interest and keep people reading/clicking around your blog. You want to make it an inviting place for them to stay and continue reading.

3. Use an online tool such as inlinkz.com to create a collection of related posts on your 'page'.
 This program has both manual and automated options (I'm not an expert but I love it and update it manually every month or so!) and you can create collections of links with a thumbnail (size/layout of your choosing). You are then given the html code by inlinkz which you can enter directly into your 'page' to create a pictorial collection that is appealing to your readers. Here is a screenshot of my collection of toddler play activities on my blog under the Toddler Play tab. (I use what's now called the Project Manager on inlinkz)

4. Connect your tabs to the 'labels' you apply to blog posts
For this you will need to have labelled your blog posts previously (or go back and do it) and they will need to have some form of order to them!! I have too many silly labels and need to clean this up a little. However, take 'Toddler Play" as an example. If I wanted all those posts labelled Toddler Play to appear when clicking the corresponding tab I would need to enter the direct URL to that label search. Here's a good tutorial on adding label tabs to your navigation bar.

5. Keep your pages/tabs up to date!
Knowing that your tabs will be frequented by new readers and also by your regular audience. Make sure that these are one of your main points of housekeeping. No dead links. Update your About Me page every now and then. Create new links within your tabs etc. These will help to keep people reading their way around your blog rather than just visiting and clicking off your blog quickly.

Hope this has been helpful! Please leave any questions or comments below and I'll get back to you!