Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's been so long... Whilst I've been gone we ELOPED...

Yes, I am already married (7 years this year!)... it wasn't us personally that eloped but some close friends of ours who took us along as their witnesses! It was such a special privilege to share in their joyous day!

Albeit a little rushed only 5 days after we'd 'moved into' our new home! More on that in a future post. Or several future posts.

Miss Daisy enjoyed a 3am start along with her first bus, plane and boat ride all in one day! She was such a happy little traveller! The dummy disappeared by about 7am! It was a long day!

The wedding was held on Moreton Island, QLD at the Tangalooma Resort and we spent four perfect days in the sunny paradise of the island! A very nice break for us after our 4 week settlement period with the new house and a lot of work in that short time!

The whole family looked stunning - hubby and I doubled as wedding photographers and we were quite happy with how the shots turned out! 

I've missed blogging a lot but haven't really had the time for photos and such. The inclination is certainly there but I'm having to prioritise! Boooo! Soon...

In other news I've also let go of my beloved iPhone 4... being quite rural the mobile phone reception is not very good so I decided to downscale a little and go to a rather primitive handset and a cheap prepaid option. (This phone is sooooo primitive!)

Just another way we're 'switching off' a little up here. So far we've had no TV up here either and it's wonderful! I don't think we'll bother plugging it in at this stage!

I do aim to be back in the full swing of blogging soon and instead of iPhonography I've had my beautiful DSLR out and about with me lately getting a workout! So watch this space!

I've missed reading and commenting too so have a lot of catch up reading to do! Let me know if you think I should read one of your posts from the last month! :) I'll whack on my boots and come straight over! :)

Oh and to those of you who have sent us your amazing Busy Bags for the Busy Bag Swap... Hannah and I should have them ready for the postman by Monday of next week! Which means you should have them before the week's end! That's exciting, believe me - they're fabulous!!

Anyway, I'm off to poke around a few blogs while I can!
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