Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Farm

Life on our 'farm' is different but simply blissful! I can't wait to make it more like a true farm. Vegetables. Animals. Dreams.

We are loving our new lifestyle and adjusting quite quickly to the little perks and changes we've encountered.

The fire has been a welcome addition in the cooler climate and will be a necessity up here in Winter!
We've gathered a good collection of firewood now by a number of means so feel pretty set for the next few months!

Excuse the nappies hanging by the fire... this is how we spend most of our evenings.  With no TV it's usually reading on the lounge. Browsing the computer. And early to bed. It's fabulous!

My new oven is a fair bit hotter than my previous one so my baking times are needing to be adjusted... but I've thoroughly enjoyed a lot of baking in here already! And it means everything is ready quicker - nothing wrong with that!

I figured out that hubby's iPhone can remain logged into my Instagram account and that is still attached to my facebook so I feel a little more tech savvy and connected even though I don't have an iPhone myself anymore. I've been trying to get a few pictures each day while he's here with the phone on holidays! 
But the DSLR has also been getting a very good workout! :)

Oh Pumpkin Soup - I love thee! This beautiful soup was made with the biggest pumpkin ever from the beautiful Easter Markets. Must find out who this local grower was!

After seeing Jess at Joyess Threads & Design's gorgeous room for little Jonty I decided to follow her fabulous tip and buy a single sheet set for Miss Daisy's toddler bed quilt and modify it a little to suit! Fabulous idea and it only cost me $15 for the cover, 2 pillowcases and plenty of leftover fabric!

I'm thinking through what blogging will look like for me now that our lifestyle has changed a little. I have a few posts ready to go and so many in my head... hoping to get back on here regularly as soon as possible! :)

I've just started reading blogs regularly again too so please say hello and send me over if you haven't heard from me in a while! :) I'd love to come visit!